Three Ways to Improve Your Garage


All auto enthusiasts know that the home garage is more than just a place to park the car. This is where we usually get intimate with our ride. We fix the car when it is broken. We check all of the car parts ourselves. And we learn to modify and even upgrade our car in that place.

Here, we will talk about three improvement ideas that can turn your home garage into your personal repair station in no time!

Install a Car Lift

a car liftA car lift is necessary to allow you to inspect the underside of your car. Tires, power steering mechanism, exhaust system, line shaft, hydraulic converter, shock absorber, rear axle, differential, and master cylinder are some parts that are underneath your auto’s main body. If you do not rustproof them, they are prone to corrosion. Thus, checking on them up after some time is obligatory. And a car lift can help you to do that job quicker. Besides this can easily lift heavy items in your home garage, which makes it useful if you have any other vehicles inside.

The investment you must make for this device is around $1500 to $3000. And it is better to go with the best brands, such as Triumph NT-9, QuickJack 5175376, TRIUMPH NSS-8, and BendPak MD-6XP because many users have given them positive feedback. Never buy a secondhand lift because it will risk your safety and your car’s.

Create a Storage System

storage in home garageIf you are a hardcore auto enthusiast, you should know the importance of having an effective and efficient storage system. You’re going to need some space for tools and spare parts for your car, and if you like to modify, then you probably are going to need some more.

Therefore, browse for storage system ideas. The most popular ones among DIY mechanics are wall-storage, ceiling-storage, and racks. If you are good at woodworking, you can even make them yourself!

Insulate and Create a Vent System

Although we usually open the garage when we have some work there, having an air vent system is still necessary because, in some occasions, you are not going to be able to open the garage door entirely. Besides, working with carbon monoxides is dangerous. You need to get rid of your car’s exhaust gas as soon as possible.

Insulation is vital if you live in a region with extreme temperature differences. Your car may look safe in the garage, but high temperature can damage the paint, leatherwork, and even start combustion. You can consider hiring an insulation expert for the job so that your garage is guaranteed safe.

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