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Motorcycle theft is a common problem that all riders face. It is estimated that thousands of motorbikes are stolen every year. It is said that every 12 minutes a bike is stolen. Unfortunately, most bikes do not get recovered as they are disassembled and sold out as parts. If you have a motorcycle, it is a good idea to protect your investment. Thus, you should take some anti-theft measures such as wilock antirrobo de motos. Also, if you have taken some measures, there is a need to reevaluate them and improve on them.

Customize Your Bike

a parked scooterCustomizing a bike offers you a lot of fun. It offers the bike a unique look. Also, some modifications can improve the performance of your bike or the comfort level. Customized bikes have a higher value as compared to those that do not. Thus, they would be worth more to potential thieves. However, professional criminals will not tamper with a customized bike. This is because it can be identified easily. This is something that you do not want.

Visibility When Parking

You should always take parking seriously. If it is in a public place, ensure it is in sight. It is a good idea to park it in an area you can keep an eye on it. If you are not around, you should park it where there is a security camera. Ideally, keeping your bike in view of other people and a lot of them is sufficient to deter criminals.

Keep Keys Away

old motorcycleIf you are not on your motorbike, your keys should be with you. You may think that nothing will happen in a few minutes you are not on your bike. You will be surprised to find your bike has gone. Therefore, you should always have your keys with you. This is also the case with your home. Even if the bike is in your home garage, do not store keys next to it. Instead, place them somewhere that is not obvious or inside your house.

Anti-Theft Lock

A bike lock can make it difficult for a thief to steal your bike. This is because the alarm can scare away the thief. You can find devices that have both a lock and an alarm. Also, locks act as deterrent devices. Usually, thieves are not likely to steal your bike if they found out that the task is harder and riskier than they thought.…