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Vehicles have made travel easier. With a car, you can go to any place you like at your pleasure. You do not have to worry about the time you are leaving your home or getting back. Public transport is not so viable during the pandemic, especially for long distance travels. If you do not own a car, you do not have to worry about anything because you can hire a car for the time you need it. As long as you follow the appropriate protocols, you can Rent a Car Beograd for your travels. This applies even now with the ongoing pandemic. Below are four tips for hiring a car during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pick the Best Deal

It goes without saying that with or without a pandemic, it is best to get your money’s worth. You do not have to rely on large car rental companies to get a good deal. Look beyond these companies by doing a little research on other companies that offer great affordable deals and are in compliance with the relevant COVID-19 guidelines. Smaller rental companies have several advantages. They could be more affordable due to less running costs and they also have a more personalized service.


Ask About Sterilization Measures

There is no sure way of determining how properly a vehicle has been sterilized after use when getting it at a rental company. Nevertheless, it is important to follow up with the company of your choice on the measures that have been set in place to ensure you get the vehicle as safe as you possibly can. You can never be too sure when it comes to the virus. If it helps put your mind at ease, it wouldn’t be extreme to wipe the keys, steering wheel, and other crucial parts of the vehicle with some sanitizer before taking the car you have hired.


Book Earlier

car purchaseIt is advisable to begin your search and book a vehicle at least a week or some days before you need it. This will give you ample time to get the best deals and change your decision if the company policy allows. It also allows you to look out for better deals and discounts since the deals do change sometimes depending on seasons and the days of the week.


Go for Cashless Payment

COVID-19 has pretty much changed how people interact with money. The best option during this season is digital/contactless payment since it has reduced the instances one has to exchange notes and coins. It is safer, faster, and more secure during this period. It is advisable to look for companies that allow digital payments for their cars.…


A car is your second home. You spend most of your commute in the car, and for some people, it translates to about half of their week. If you are not sleeping and not doing anything in the house or at work, then you are probably in a car. If your work relies on a car as a mobile office, then car life is probably everything that you know about living. People make love; they find jobs, interview candidates, and take rests in their cars. It is time you started paying attention to the things you could add to your car to make it homely.

Upgrade to a Camp Van

If you are sure about living in a car, then you can consider getting a trailer or a camping van and make it your home. After all, the car is where most of your hours go. An RV might be the ideal, but it could also be overstretched when you do not already have the budget. Therefore, try first going to a little upgrade like a camp van. It would be something you design according to your needs and ensure the fabricators of the body, and the features inside make everything according to your measurements. When you are into trips and want to be out of the house, the van will always be waiting.

Fix a refrigerator in your present car

There is nothing like a too small car. The standard sized cars have plenty of room to allow you to fit a small sized refrigerator in the car. Imagine having the option to turn on the AC for some cool air and your refrigerator serving you with cold drinks at a moment’s notice. You could even have the fridge in the trunk. Become the opposite of what other people. They fit large speakers in the trunk and don’t also use that when they are driving. Instead, you could have drinks chilling and maybe some frozen snacks and ice cream.

Always invest in premium wash services

You may want to make your car appealing because you spend most of your time in it. It would be your source of inspiration. A clean car is fun to drive, and it gives your ideas of other improvements you can make in your life. A clean car also ensures that many of its utility functions remain in a condition intended by manufacturers. For instance, the AC will work fine, your power systems in the car will function well, and your overall ambiance in the car will feel luxurious. Thus, when it’s time to wash your car, go to the pros. Ensure they do a thorough vacuuming to get rid of debris including the smallest bread crumbs.

Always be sharp and ready

Having guests or passengers in your car usually occurs in an impromptu manner. Therefore, apart from keeping the car clean and having your 12v refrigerator bolted safely, you might also consider having actual food and drinks inside the fridge. The sad thing would be having the equipment and not using it when the time is right.…


If you are considering of buying or renting a car, you can go to a car dealership. There are so many car dealerships that are currently out there. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are finding a car dealership:

Look for the ones near you

car dealershipWhen you are looking to find a car dealership, the first thing to do is to look around ones that are within your area. Look for car dealerships that are located near you. Looking for a dealership that is near you will make it easier for you since you wouldn’t have to travel a huge distance. Plus, it also helps with the local economy.

Figure out what cars you prefer

When you are looking for a car dealership, you should figure out what types of cars you prefer. Before going to dealerships, you should have a car type in mind so that it will make it easier for you to choose later. Some dealerships only sell one type of brand when it comes to cars. So, you need to know beforehand what you want so that you don’t go to the wrong dealership.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what type of car you want or prefer, you should look up stuff online and do a little research. You can also ask around. If not, directly going to a dealership to ask the dealer their opinion will also be a good idea.

Research and compare

carBefore choosing a dealership for you to buy yourself a car, you need to do your research. Make a list of several different dealerships that you are interested in and do a little digging. Find out what types of cars they sell. Figure out what brands they hold, what models they have, as well as their make and type.

Other than that you should also look at the prices they offer. Some cars have standard pricing. However, some dealers might sell it for less than the others. Therefore, you should do your research and compare.

Reviews and recommendations

Another tip for you when finding the right dealership for you is to look at reviews. You can ask past customers about their services and their products. If they have a website, go there and read the reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from your family, friends, neighbors, or your colleagues to find a dealership they have used or one that they prefer.…