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If you are an outdoor person that loves going for road trips, you might be aware of the benefits of carrying the right equipment. One such essential appliance is the 12v car fridge. This unit will help you overcome the heat, and also help you keep you keep your perishables fresh. To enjoy the benefits of having a fridge in your car, buy the best.

Choosing a Refrigerator for Your Car


car fridge design

The design the refrigerator for a car of your car matters a lot. As such, the first consideration to make when looking at the design is the portability of fridge. First, it should be made of lightweight materials to avoid making it unnecessarily cumbersome. If possible, the overall design should allow it to fit inside the car. And lastly, go for a refrigerator with a shoulder strap just in case you might be required to carry it.

Cooling Compartments

Besides the design, you also need to look at the type of cooling compartments. There are different models, and each is designed differently. Thus, when looking at the compartments, go for a design that will accommodate your essentials. If possible, go for cooler with adjustable compartments to accommodate your changing cooling needs.

How the Lid Opens

This is not one of those technical features, but it certainly makes a huge difference in how your van is set up. Some car fridges have hinges that open from the backs, others from the top, while others from the side. Most people prefer rear-hinged units, but this is often a matter of personal preferences.

Battery Drain

car fridgeAnother essential thing to look at when choosing a refrigerator for your car is the battery drain and the current rating of your vehicle. If you are planning to go for a long trip and you might be required to spend time away from your car, go a refrigerator that consumes the least power. If you do not plan to move it from your vehicle, the battery drain should be of great concern.

All portable fridges have both basic and advanced features. Thus, the type of refrigerator you decide to buy depends on your needs. Taking into account the features described here will bring you closer to making the right choice. Other factors like warranty, price, and the model of your car might be of great help.…